Die Drachenflöte
Dragon Flute by Tim Cranmore
Introducing the Dragon Flute, a hand crafted professional recorder for the discerning musician. Constructed from the finest materials, the instrument offers unrivalled tone and presence making it the perfect choice for both intimate and concert performances.
Wide bore offering a full tone over two octaves
Contemporary design adds weight to your performance
Easy to play with conventional recorder fingering
Dragon Master constructed from African blackwood
Dragon Apprentice constructed from lacquered hardwood
Optional Features
For those occasions where you need your sound to fill the arena, the Dragon Flute can be purchased with a Rumberger WP-1X micro pickup.
Dragon Flute €1000
Dragon Flute c/w Rumberger WP-1X Micro Pickup €1300
For further information please contact Tim Cranmore at the email address below or by clicking on the contact link at the foot of this page.
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