Die Drachenflöte
Dragon Flute by Tim Cranmore

Introducing the Dragon Flute, a hand crafted professional recorder for the discerning musician. Constructed from the finest materials, the instrument is the perfect choice for contemporary music.

The Dragon Flute is a wide bore, contemporary solo instrument with a full two octaves-plus range, and a strong tonal presence. Laser etched decorations by Lara Domeneghetti, and optional dragon ornament by Mark Brayley give a strong visual image if required. The instrument is designed to work with conventional recorder fingering without extra register keys or extensions, making it immediately accessible. The optional Rumberger WP-1X micro pickup can be fed directly into the sound desk for amplification. Materials used are African Blackwood, which has been recently released from the Cites convention so can be traded easily, or Olive wood which makes for a lighter instrument.

The Dragon Flute is already being used by a new generation of players such as Juho Myllyla and moves away from the image of the recorder as a school instrument, into a mainstream contributor to the popular and contemporary world.

Dragon Flute Soprano in C €950 / £750
With Rumberger WP-1X Micro Pickup €1300 / £1050
Dragon Flute Alto in F       €1200 / £1000
With Rumberger WP-1X Micro Pickup  €1550 / £1300
The media page features a selection of videos including performances by Juho Myllylä.
The Dragon Flute can be supplied with a professional quality micro pickup. Visit our options page for further details.
For further information please contact Tim Cranmore at the email address below or by clicking on the contact link at the foot of this page.
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