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Rumberger WP-1X Micro Pickup
With a diameter of just eight millimetres including a structure-borne silencer, the WP-1X fits into almost all mouthpieces for woodwind instruments. Especially for very deep instruments such as bass clarinet or baritone saxophone, which are very difficult to pick up with a conventional microphone, our WP-1X is the perfect solution.
Tonal Uniformity
A big advantage is that in the built-in position in the mouthpiece, frequencies can no longer be erased even with the highest tones. This results in a very balanced sound in all ranges. Absolute uniformity over all tones of the woodwind instrument and a sound pickup without feedback are the best prerequisites for stress-free monitoring.
Freedom To Express Yourself
For maximum freedom of movement, the system can be operated with almost all guitar wireless systems. These advantages guarantee the best conditions for uncompromisingly good stage performance.
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